CILC 2016

Conference Program

LAST UPDATE February 26

Tuesday, March 1

17:00-19:30 Registration Hotel Silken. Registration desk. Ground Floor

Wednesday, March 2


Thursday, March 3


19:30 AELINCO Members Meeting. Hotel Silken. Room “Retiro”

21:30 Gala Dinner – Kaleido, Málaga Port. Click to register.

Friday, March 4


EVENINGCity tour. Click to register. [Details TBA]

Paper list

Paper # Author(s) Title
1 G. Hu & F. Cao A Corpus-Based Comparative Study of Interactional Metadiscourse in Research Articles
7 A. Hennemann A corpus analysis of sentence-initial Lo que. A constructionist approach
13 G. Oscar The Structure of Spanish Verbless Sentences
14 I. Moskowich & B. Crespo Categories and genres in CHET and CECHeT
15 A. Matamala & M. Villegas Designing a new platform for AD analysis: the VIW project
16 N. Nakamata Productivity and Learning Difficulty of Verbs: A Case for Verbs Related to “Eating” in Japanese
17 H. Hernández Bayter Estrategias discursivas en el discurso de investidura en América Latina: aportes de la lexicometría…
18 M. Fuster-Márquez & C. Gregori-Signes Looking into the flexibility of lexical bundles in the discourse of US hotel websites
19 J. Calle Martín & J. Romero-Barranco Third Person Present Tense Markers in some Varieties of English
21 S. Patin La traducción de las metáforas corporales en los debates parlamentarios europeos del corpus…
22 J. Lavid, M. Carretero & J. Rafael Zamorano Designing and validating an annotation model of modality for English and Spanish: issues and…
24 K. Kadooka A Study of Japanese Modality Using a Corpus
25 M. Á Zarco-Tejada, C. Noya Gallardo, M. Carmen Merino Ferradá & M. I. Calderón López Identifying corpus-based criterial cohesive devices for proficiency automatic classification
27 K. Stuart, A. Botella & I. Ferri-Miralles A corpus-driven approach to Sentiment Analysis of patient narratives
28 S. Granath & M. Ullén The elevation of sensitivity over truth: Political correctness in Time magazine 1923-2006
30 J. M. Hernandez-Campoy, J. C. Conde-Silvestre, T. García Vidal & B. Zapata-Barrero Comunidades de Práctica y Estilos en Documentos Epistolares de los Siglos XV-XVIII: Proyecto HiStylVar
32 P. Rodríguez-Puente & J. Williams-Camus The University of Cantabria English Learner Corpus (UCELC): design and compilation techniq…
33 P. Rodríguez-Puente, C. Blanco-García & I. Tamaredo The Corpus of Historical English Law Reports: A progress report
35 F. Suau Jiménez Customer online reviews from TripAdvisor and their effect on the adjustment of hotel websites…
36 M. Criado Peña They are going tomorrow, isn’t it? On the use of tag questions in Indian English
37 N. Ramon & B. Labrador Describing Cheese in English and Spanish: A Corpus-Based Contrastive Study
38 T. Najeem Dahunsi Development Of A ‘Nigerian English’ Corpus-Based Word Prediction Software for Computers and…
39 M. Callies Towards a process-oriented approach to comparing EFL and ESL varieties: A corpus-study of lexical…
40 P. Goethals, E. Lefever & L. Macken Compiling, processing and analysing Spanish corpora: results and challenges
41 P. A. Fuertes Olivera, P. Gordo Gómez, M. Niño Amo, Á. de Los Ríos Rodicio, Á. Sastre Ruano & M. Velasco Sacristán Using the Web as a Corpus for Lexicographic Purposes
42 S. Torigoe Seeking the Portuguese Vocabulary Profile
43 T. Najeem Dahunsi An Investigation of Lexical Densities in selected speeches of President Barack Obama
44 P. Moya & M. Luisa Carrió-Pastor Estrategias de intensificación en los comentarios sobre la noticias digitales: un análisis…
45 J. Lee Conversational network: A preliminary study on the Chinese Buddhist Canon
47 J. Carmona-Cejudo How many people in the making of Sloane 770? A corpus-based approach
48 G. Bergh Using corpora to complile a dictionary of English and Swedish football vocabulary
49 E. Fernández de Molina Ortés “Acho, qué perrino más chico”. Recursos morfológicos y expresivos de los habitantes de …
50 G. A. Rodríguez Martín The Times They Are A-changin’ – and so are corpora
51 M. Donnellan An Introduction to Using Corpora with EFL Learners
52 M. J. Barrios Sabador A lo mejor, igual y lo mismo. Significados epistémicos y no epistémicos
53 L. Hernández Lorenzo El léxico poético de Fernando de Herrera: un acercamiento desde la Lingüística de Corpus y…
54 D. Britain, D. Bürki, T. Leonhardt, S. Lynch, L. Mettler & K. Matsumoto English in las Islas de los Garbanzos: developing a multi-locality corpus of Micronesian Englishes
55 H. Skorczynska The emerging parties’ manifestos for the 2015 Spanish general elections: a comparative analysis…
56 G. Nieto Caballero & P. Ruano Estudio de corpus sobre patrones textuales comunes en la narrativa de Benito Pérez Galdós y…
57 G. Nieto Caballero La proyección del discurso en las novelas de Galdós a través de una metodología de corpus.
60 C. Gregori-Signes Men vs. Women: A corpus based study of the representation of men in “3rd Rock from the Sun”
61 R. Gee The Defining Vocabulary of Mid-Frequency Vocabulary in Online Dictionaries
62 R. Tsutahara Corpus based lexical semantic analysis of minimal pairs of deverbal adjectives with the Spanish…
63 J. Romero-Barranco & S. Salles-Bernal Native and borrowed prefix competition in early modern English medical writing
64 J. Calle Martín English Intensifiers in Competition: this/that vs. so in Spoken English
65 M. Kruzhkov Supracorpora databases as corpus-based superstructure
66 T. García-Vidal A corpus- and variationist-based approach to the comparative and superlative degree late ME and…
68 L. M. Puente Castelo & L. Maria Monaco it is proper ſubſerviently, to inquire into the nature of experimental chemiſtry: Difficulties…
69 M. Werner & C. Resch Seeking law of the jungle: nominalized infinitives in the Austrian Baroque Corpus
70 M. Iakovou, O. Dima, I. Vasiliadi-Linardaki, S. Kitrou, F. Vlachou, M. Koutsoubou, T. Katsina, S. Perrea, F. Pappa, X. Kostakou & M. Kavvadia SEPAME2: A new learner resource for the Greek as a L2
71 O. Kapranov Corpus Analysis of Discourse Markers in Corporate Reports Involving Climate Change
72 M. Alcantud-Diaz Corpus-based tasks: using a novel to teach language and literature
73 A. M. Fernández Soneira, I. C. Báez Montero & E. Freijeiro Ocampo CORALSE: design of a corpus of Spanish Sign Language
75 M. Á. Candel-Mora & O. Torrest-Hostench Corpus-based statistical machine translation of Big data: orality features in consumer generated…
76 M. Akinlotan Effects of structure and proficiency on determiner number (dis)agreement in the Nigerian English
77 J. Elwood, K. Petchko & G. O’Neill Graduate Writing in English at a Multi-Polar Institute in Japan: A Corpus Analysis
79 M. Izquierdo & M. Pérez Blanco The herbal tea promotional text in English and Spanish: a contrastive rhetoric study
80 M. T. Ortego Antón, E. Jiménez García & P. Fernández-Nistal The Compilation of a Corpus to Analyse Undergraduate Students’ Communication in High…
81 M. T. Ortego An Approach to the Strategies Used to Translate Social Media Terms from English into Spanish
82 V. Colwell & H. Sanjurjo Corpus-based applications in EFL for the workplace: Getting the recipe right
83 M. T. Ortego & P. Fernández-Nistal Errors Produced by English Interference in the Academic Communication among Spanish St…
84 R. Rabadan, H. Sanjurjo & V. Colwell Bi-Texting your food: Helping the gastro industry reach the global market
85 N. Judith Laso, E. Castaño & I. Verdaguer Migration law metaphors in an ESP learner corpus
87 S. Salles Punctuation patterns in a 17th medical manuscript: corpus-based study of G.U.L. MS 303, Treatise…
88 Q. Zhao Translation-induced language variation and change: A case study of the impact of English translations…
89 L. Bikeliene Evaluative language in Lithuanian student’s writing. A study of ‘interesting’ and ‘importa…
90 J. Fernández-Domínguez Right-headed compound verbs in Spanish and the influence of English
91 M. Charles Checking grammar or hunting for vocabulary? Users report on their independent consultation…
95 E. Gandón-Chapela The architecture of ellipsis in English: on lexical and syntactic distance
96 C. Prado Alonso The ‘that is’ parenthetical construction and the indirect expression of attitude in academic texts
99 F. Gago Jover El Old Spanish Textual Archive (OSTA): diseño y desarrollo de un corpus de textos medievales
100 M. Fuyuno, Y. Yamashita, T. Saitoh & Y. Nakajima Semantic Structure, Speech Units and Facial Movements: Multimodal Corpus Analysis of…
101 S. Ishikawa V-THAT Structures in Asian Learners’ L2 English Speeches and Essays
102 C. Lozano & A. Díaz-Negrillo Using learner corpus methods to explore variability in L2 acquisition: revisiting the Morp…
103 A. Sukru Ozbay & M. Naci Kayaoglu Computerized Corpus Based Investigation of the Use of Multi Word Constructions and the Dev…
104 I. Tamaredo The Effect of Frequency of Co-occurrence on Subject Pronoun Omission in Indian English and…
105 A. Sukru Ozbay The Potential of Corpus Based Collocation Instruction on the Awareness Levels of the Turkish…
106 C. Periñán-Pascual & E. M. Mestre-Mestre Discovering terms for glossary construction
107 W. Louw & M. Milojkovic The World War I Poets as a Brand and the Corpus-derived Empiricism of their Subtext
109 A. Granvik Variación y cambio sintáctico en el establecimiento de la construcción encapsuladora en el español…
111 O. Nevzorova, A. Galieva & D. Suleymanov Building corpus-based semantic classifications of some Tatar affixes
112 J. Gris Roca, R. Criado Sánchez, A. Sánchez Pérez & A. Romero Medina The compilation and assessment of a corpus of activities
113 S. Adams The Type(s) of Vocabulary Used in Written and Oral Discourse in Health Education Settings
114 A. Ruiz Tinoco Using Geotagged Tweets in Spanish Linguistic Variation
115 M. O’Donnell Automatic EFL Proficiency Assessment via detailed and deep feature extraction
116 R. Rose Sensitivity of pausing strategies to utterance length: Evidence from a crosslinguistic speech corpus
117 R. Rose & H. Masuda Construction of a multimodal learner corpus of STEM student language production: A pilot study
118 Y. Liu & A. Moreno Sandoval Asimetría en la traducción terminológica entre el español y el chino: el caso de “癌/ca…
119 C. Herrero-Zorita & A. Moreno-Sandoval Sentence length and NP complexity of general and medical written academic and media texts….
120 M. Crespo Miguel & M. Sanchez-Saus Laserna Graded acceptance in corpus-based English-to-Spanish machine translation evaluation
121 B. Pennock-Speck & B. Clavel-Arroitia Multimodal Deference Strategies in a Corpus of Synchronous Telecollaboration Interactions
122 C. Hsu A Corpus-Based Study of Lexical Variety and Language Variation in Literary Translation
124 K. Collewaert & A. Vande Casteele A pilot study on the use of pronouns in oral productions of Spanish as a Second Language
125 A. Galieva, B. Khakimov & A. Gatiatullin On the Way to the Relevant Grammatical Tagset for Tatar National Corpus
127 A. Vande Casteele & K. Collewaert Methodological reflections on the design and compilation of a Spanish learner corpus
129 A. Albalat Mascarell & M. L. Carrió Pastor The United States of America presidential election debates: Annotation and taxonomy of co-…
130 C. Blanco-García Looking into ephemeral and prototypical conditional subordinators in English: A diachronic…
131 V. Kaledaite Existence in a parallel corpus: what a corpus-based analysis reveals about English and Lithuaninan
132 A. Alruwaili Investigating the use of corpus-based approaches for teaching general verbs in the language…
133 L. Medrouk, A. Pappa & J. Hallou Review web pages collector tool for thematic corpus creation
134 J. Primo-Pacheco A Preliminary Corpus Linguistics Approach to Two Gay Television Series
135 L. Conejero-Magro From Korea to Hawaii: Dystopian Discourse Through Corpus Linguistics
136 K. Assulaimi The representation of Saudi Arabia in the American press: A corpus-based critical discourse analysis
137 Marija Milojkovic A corpus-attested view of business English metaphors
138 M. P. Valverde Ibañez A blog corpus of learner Spanish with automatic article error annotation
139 A. Ricart “Patients at risk?”, “Suffering from diabetes?” A corpus-driven approach to identify grammatical…
140 I. Garrido-Marquez, L. Audibert, J. García-Flores, F. Lèvy & A. Nazarenko A French weblog corpus for new insights on blog post tagging
142 M. Dref & A. Pappa An interaction approach between services for extracting relevant data from Tweets corpora
143 M. Velasco Moreno Do all FL classes pursue the same aims?
144 B. Khakimov, R. Gataullin & R. Gilmullin Grammatical Disambiguation in the Tatar National Corpus
147 G. Shabashvili & N. Shavtvaladze Corpus-based Approach in Teaching Vocabulary – Data of Georgian Language
148 Yuka Ishikawa Frequency and Learning Difficulty in Engineering English Vocabulary: A Corpus-Based Study
149 I. Doval Reixa Bilingual parallel corpora for linguistic research
150 D. Couto Vale & A. Hansen-Ampah The meaning of hashtags matters: detecting hashtags such as #JeSuisKouachi
151 S. Maruenda-Bataller Corpus Linguistics and Lexical Pragmatics: A view from the representation of intimate partner…
152 M. A. Losey León Multi-word units’ conceptual aspects of representation in a genre text type of a Maritime…
154 M. Bautista & C. Lozano From experiments to corpus-based evidence: Anaphora resolution in L1 English-L2 Spanish in…
155 F. Pineda Retrieving communicative functions from the BNC through linguistic patterns: making suggestions
157 A. Moreno Ortiz Extracting Domain-Specific Features for Sentiment Analysis Using Simple NLP Techniques: running…
159 M. T. Cáceres-Lorenzo and S. Hernández Arroyo Diseño de un corpus diatópico de nahuatlismos en el español americano
160 R. De Ridder Corpora as reference works for the study of lexical geographical markedness